Failing Machine – Servants to The Throne




Two servants of the Sector Pulmones have emerged to accompany their overseer in their eternal task! Caretaking of the holy bio-mechanical organism in the pulsating, decaying, mysterious endless corridors of ancient tech joining The Emperors flesh, mind and machine.

Sacerdo Victum, cloaked figure who has ascended to full priesthood centuries ago and abandoned most of his rotting, feeble body. Now a living ghost, fusion of fleshe and apparatus. Continuing his task of blessing holy alveolus –engines and soothing them with incense to ease the evergrowing standstills and faulty sounds.

Still learning from the tome to chant the religious prayers and only at the very beginning of transforming to perfection, the novicius curaetorii, roams the halls of their sacred sector. Like many of his status, he scurries along the crowded narrow bio-sections with his kin, executing petty tasks only fit for the lowliest of the holiest order. The flickering candle in the dark on his mitre symbolizing how the Emperor lifted mankind from the darkness and defending them from it.


This group will be left to this size. The trinity theme is strongly affecting my imagination how I want to complete the Failing Machine. Mind, body and machine, the triangle shaped diorama base, the mitres, the classes of the order and considering everything overall I just find it very fitting.



As I’m increasingly getting more and more interested in fine arts and painting I’m really intrigued of trying limited palette to paint these. Zorn palette plus some gold thrown in to the mix of course. We’ll have to see about that. Matters and duties other than hobby-related have taken most of time last month or so and will be doing so until May. Still having high hopes on finishing the Inquisitor project before though 🙂

16 thoughts on “Failing Machine – Servants to The Throne

  1. Beautiful!! LOve the “little” guy. Looks like he is hitching up his robe and carefully looking at the ground for hazards whilst he is traversing the holie machine floor. A carefull figure full of respect for what he is tasked to do.
    Again: LOVE IT!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Marcus, that’s what I was going after with the little one! I’m so glad you noticed, finding suitable parts for hooded, hunched figures so familiar from the 40k art was quite hard.


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