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Getting back into regular posting! I was lulled by the easiness of just smashing photos on instagram, but I’ve been feeling my hobby has been missing something essential i.e this wonderful community. 

Starting off with the current state of the Caretakers of the Golden Throne, venturing in the depths of Imperial Palace… They are now based uniformally to represent the time-crusted layers of Holy Terra.

The book is amazing piece of art and story combined. Chris Wraight’s Vaults of Terra: Carrion Throne, designed by Tim Molloy. A must read for everyone interested in Inquisition, affairs of Terra, secrets of The Imperial Palace and the very nature of religious madness 40.000 is all about.

Lastly, my scribbling representing Curaetorii Primarium and endless, vast winding bowels of subterran Underworld of Terra filled with servants of The Throne. Ink pen and acrylics on paper.


Enter Ordo Custodum

Inquisitor Scolamiero Bellin





“Ordo Custodum keep vigilance on mankind’s capital, the Holy Terra. The ordo consists of around 50 inquisitors whose sole purpose is to watch over the heart of the Imperium. They are entrusted with arcane secrets and vital tasks concerning security and continuity of Emperor’s resting place and are important members of terran high society”

But for now it has come time to leave the gilt ministorum halls, the endlessly spiraling hives and the neverending tides of pilgrims. Urgent matters are in need to be tended.





Skull-envoy from the deepest parts of the Imperial Palace



Tools of the trade

Huron Blackheart

The Blood Reaver is now finished! Enjoy the pictures.






I experimented further with glazing, this time using it to shade the armour plating. I still really can’t put my finger on it though. My patience is not made for those dozens of watery brushstrokes I guess. As always phorographing red is pain in the ass, irl the red has a more orange tint to it.





Hopefully this painted up picture shows better what I had in mind with making Hamadrya look like it’s “forming in to being” from the aether. I tried to tie the blue coloring to the red-orange-pink color of Huron by using purple for the base. If somebody wonders the colourscheme this was the inspiration for it.

Thanks for looking! A little heads up for what’s about to come next. You saw that new Burning of Prospero set? That and loads of bits hoarding from eBay is next on the list.



Tyrant of Badab

Long time no see chaps! Here’s a little something I’ve been working on lately. An iconic character with the coolest backround – And my all-time favorite Champion of Chaos.


Huron Blackheart and Hamadrya



With my take I’am aiming to  create a more realistic version that shows his formidable bulk of corrupted astartes physique. Bound to machines and re-constructed from charred flesh, combined with bionics and ruinous powers to stand and command once more.


Armour of Pride – Warp infused and bulging with auxiliary support systems of the Blood Reaver


The protective Iron Halo and his power axe


The ultimate combat weapon, Tyrant’s Claw: Monstrous bionic arm with clawed powerfist that has built-in heavy flamer incorporated, built by Armenneus Valthex, also known as the Alchemancer

I wanted to build Hamadrya more true to it’s lore, make it look like it’s just forming into being from ground and breaking through the empyrean;

“The Hamadrya appeared at his side then, almost as insubstantial as a wisp of vapour. As Huron recovered and his power grew, the Hamadrya likewise grew and took on a more cohesive shape. Its exact appearance is unknown; sometimes it is invisible, and when it chooses to appear it can be avian, reptilian, or mammalian in shape”


It’s left claw coming into being



Chaotic shapes that vary greatly


Can it be true, can the Tyrant of Badab yet live, at least in some form by some foul agency? I have seen too many miracles both wondrous and nightmarish to claim it cannot be so. Are we, Mankind, then doomed to be always the father of our own torment, the genesis of our own destruction, time and time again? God Emperor help us – ever has it been so.

— Quoted by an anonymous Inquisitor

The Astartes Cycle


“Your approach was made with great skill, but this is Raven Guard work”

Aethon Shaan, Captain of the 4th “The Silent” Company





Recruits for the XIXth are drawn from their homeplanet Deliverance. Due to instability of the Raven Guard gene-seed these aspirants then introduced to rigorous training and testing to ensure their fit for becoming astartes. Recruit’s capability for sublety and stealth are tested in real missions.




Raven Guard combat doctrine favours usage of scout marines. These initiates who have passed the Aspirant Trials are undergoing physical and mental metamorphosis that is needed to become superhuman astartes. Already fit for battle, neophyte scouts are essential for pinpointing enemy positions and possible landing sites.




Fully matured astartes of the 4th company. Organs succesfully implanted sans Mucranoid and Betcher’s Gland, and the Melanchromic Organ malfunctioning, causing skin to become pale, almost albino like due to degeneration of their geneseed. Power armours of the Raven guard marines are painted pitch black to absorb radiation of the visible spectrum and fitted with enhanced cooling systems to distract thermal and infrared systems. 


I always find origin stories fascinating, from Fabius Bile’s experimentations and grotesque birth of noise marines in Graham McNeill’s Fulgrim to Raven guard’s (re)creation and the problems surrounding their gene-seed in Deliverance Lost by Gav Thorpe, so I just had to make post that touches the same subject. On the sidenote those two legions are my absolute favorites from loyalists and traitors. I also have one champion of The Emperor’s Children in the works…

I made progress in painting realistic metallics with the scout and the aspirant so I revisited the astartes a bit too. Next step is learning to create convincing battle damage and work out those clean shoulderpads a bit. Thanks for Thomas for pointing out the problem with the marine’s base and opening my eyes, bigger one looks much better. I also got some pigments (and binder!) to experiment with and went with lighter base to create some balance with colors.

What’s up next! Summer is finally ending and I’am getting back on track with head full of ideas. I have new inspirations for older projects to expand them aswell as all new ones. Thank you for reading, enjoy the pictures!


Ps. Have you guys seen this? Holy terra that looks sweet.