Wrath Unplugged: Imperial Fists

What an incredible experience it has been to build my first 40.000 army. New challenges to maintain the entirety, yet still rewarding. Here's the latest additions, now that the force has grown in to a full scale army. The lieutenant, first officer of the force. Phalanx Wall-Brethren, veterans. These servitors are as much part of … Continue reading Wrath Unplugged: Imperial Fists

Ignited for War: Imperial Fists

++ Imperial Fists ++ Praetorians of Dorn. Sentinels of Terra. The VIIth Legion. The very first pic with Alex Boyd illustration on the backround embodies everything you need to know of this. The feeling of the stories rendered in miniatures, unfathomable scale of the 41st millennium, warrior-gods, inseparable union of man and machine. My latest … Continue reading Ignited for War: Imperial Fists


Getting back into regular posting! I was lulled by the easiness of just smashing photos on instagram, but I've been feeling my hobby has been missing something essential i.e this wonderful community.  Starting off with the current state of the Caretakers of the Golden Throne, venturing in the depths of Imperial Palace... They are now … Continue reading Subterranea

Giant’s Fist – Inquisitor Hesiod Gigas and his retinue

"I shall hunt you down, for there is no hive gargantuan enough for you to hide nor system too far away to escape" Giant's Fist. Ordo Hereticus. A band of extraordinary and skilled operatives and henchmen lead by hulking piece of Emperor's wrath, the Inquisitor Hesiod Gigas. Unyielding kill-team packed with raw power, both physical … Continue reading Giant’s Fist – Inquisitor Hesiod Gigas and his retinue