Getting back into regular posting! I was lulled by the easiness of just smashing photos on instagram, but I’ve been feeling my hobby has been missing something essential i.e this wonderful community. 

Starting off with the current state of the Caretakers of the Golden Throne, venturing in the depths of Imperial Palace… They are now based uniformally to represent the time-crusted layers of Holy Terra.

The book is amazing piece of art and story combined. Chris Wraight’s Vaults of Terra: Carrion Throne, designed by Tim Molloy. A must read for everyone interested in Inquisition, affairs of Terra, secrets of The Imperial Palace and the very nature of religious madness 40.000 is all about.

Lastly, my scribbling representing Curaetorii Primarium and endless, vast winding bowels of subterran Underworld of Terra filled with servants of The Throne. Ink pen and acrylics on paper.

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