Roaming the decrepit cities: Mechanized Recon

My own view of Astra Militarum. Mech-walkers, scout sentinels, Mankind in scale.  Deathworld camo of the deteriorated future. War fought in the abandoned dusty darkness, worlds in ruin and long forgotten.


Ignited for War: Imperial Fists

++ Imperial Fists ++ Praetorians of Dorn. Sentinels of Terra. The VIIth Legion. The very first pic with Alex Boyd illustration on the backround embodies everything you need to know of this. The feeling of the stories rendered in miniatures, unfathomable scale of the 41st millennium, warrior-gods, inseparable union of man and machine. My latest … Continue reading Ignited for War: Imperial Fists


Getting back into regular posting! I was lulled by the easiness of just smashing photos on instagram, but I've been feeling my hobby has been missing something essential i.e this wonderful community.  Starting off with the current state of the Caretakers of the Golden Throne, venturing in the depths of Imperial Palace... They are now … Continue reading Subterranea

Failing Machine – Servants to The Throne

Two servants of the Sector Pulmones have emerged to accompany their overseer in their eternal task! Caretaking of the holy bio-mechanical organism in the pulsating, decaying, mysterious endless corridors of ancient tech joining The Emperors flesh, mind and machine. Sacerdo Victum, cloaked figure who has ascended to full priesthood centuries ago and abandoned most of … Continue reading Failing Machine – Servants to The Throne

Failing Machine – Magos Curaetorii Primarium

Cynnael Avus, The Caretaker. Magos Curaetorii Primarium of the Sector Pulmones. He is the ancient and the one whom is the knowledge. Hundreds of years spent maintaining and upkeeping his sector. Every lifecable, every corridor, even the evergrowing flaws, he knows. The head of the group of the Golden Throne's caretakers is on it's way! … Continue reading Failing Machine – Magos Curaetorii Primarium

Giant’s Fist – Inquisitor Hesiod Gigas and his retinue

"I shall hunt you down, for there is no hive gargantuan enough for you to hide nor system too far away to escape" Giant's Fist. Ordo Hereticus. A band of extraordinary and skilled operatives and henchmen lead by hulking piece of Emperor's wrath, the Inquisitor Hesiod Gigas. Unyielding kill-team packed with raw power, both physical … Continue reading Giant’s Fist – Inquisitor Hesiod Gigas and his retinue