Raven Guard

The Astartes Cycle


“Your approach was made with great skill, but this is Raven Guard work”

Aethon Shaan, Captain of the 4th “The Silent” Company





Recruits for the XIXth are drawn from their homeplanet Deliverance. Due to instability of the Raven Guard gene-seed these aspirants then introduced to rigorous training and testing to ensure their fit for becoming astartes. Recruit’s capability for sublety and stealth are tested in real missions.




Raven Guard combat doctrine favours usage of scout marines. These initiates who have passed the Aspirant Trials are undergoing physical and mental metamorphosis that is needed to become superhuman astartes. Already fit for battle, neophyte scouts are essential for pinpointing enemy positions and possible landing sites.




Fully matured astartes of the 4th company. Organs succesfully implanted sans Mucranoid and Betcher’s Gland, and the Melanchromic Organ malfunctioning, causing skin to become pale, almost albino like due to degeneration of their geneseed. Power armours of the Raven guard marines are painted pitch black to absorb radiation of the visible spectrum and fitted with enhanced cooling systems to distract thermal and infrared systems. 


I always find origin stories fascinating, from Fabius Bile’s experimentations and grotesque birth of noise marines in Graham McNeill’s Fulgrim to Raven guard’s (re)creation and the problems surrounding their gene-seed in Deliverance Lost by Gav Thorpe, so I just had to make post that touches the same subject. On the sidenote those two legions are my absolute favorites from loyalists and traitors. I also have one champion of The Emperor’s Children in the works…

I made progress in painting realistic metallics with the scout and the aspirant so I revisited the astartes a bit too. Next step is learning to create convincing battle damage and work out those clean shoulderpads a bit. Thanks for Thomas for pointing out the problem with the marine’s base and opening my eyes, bigger one looks much better. I also got some pigments (and binder!) to experiment with and went with lighter base to create some balance with colors.

What’s up next! Summer is finally ending and I’am getting back on track with head full of ideas. I have new inspirations for older projects to expand them aswell as all new ones. Thank you for reading, enjoy the pictures!


Ps. Have you guys seen this? Holy terra that looks sweet.