Wrath Unplugged: Imperial Fists

What an incredible experience it has been to build my first 40.000 army. New challenges to maintain the entirety, yet still rewarding. Here’s the latest additions, now that the force has grown in to a full scale army.


The lieutenant, first officer of the force.

Veteran squad

Phalanx Wall-Brethren, veterans.


These servitors are as much part of the architecture of Phalanx as the arching bridges and winding corridors. Plugged in to their sockets, their function varying from cogitating units to altars, the reliquary-servitors are strapped in to idiotically replace the failing archeotech of the Phalanx. The need for upkeep like this is evergrowing, as the starfort slowly falls to ruin. As the battlecode surges to noosphere, these servitors unplug themselves, lashing with their cords and scrimshawed bones.

Arch-Sector Administrator

The numerous sectors each have their own masters of upkeep. These care-givers herd the parades of engines and servitors to war.

Phalanxian Vat-homunculi
Vat-homunculi under reclusiam engines

Down in the forgotten passages and maintenance-halls of the Phalanx the vat-cloning machines have slowly fallen to states of malcunction and decay. Automated works built to produce fluttering cherubim – that 10.000 years before sang songs of victory and held colourful tapestries in their plumb hands – are now producing gene-ruined remnants at slowing pace. Now these despicable and foul little creatures focus on fighting each other like vermin and nesting in the cathedrals. Despite their state, when war voxhorns start to thunder, they climb out of their burrows, helding makeshift banners and stolen relics while.


13 thoughts on “Wrath Unplugged: Imperial Fists

  1. They look superb – the creepy servitors & baroque reclusiam engines are superb, but wow – that IF armour! I absolutely love the shade of yellow that you have achieved here, and the battered & well used look is superb. Well done mate!

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    1. Thanks! With those strange servitors and engines I wanted to portray the Phalanx and bring more ‘grim’ into the army. The battered and chipped yellow represents how they are not the golden warriors of the great crusade anymore after 10.000 years.

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  2. Lovely work, man. I love your faded yellow. Marines always look best next to their mortal servants, and you’ve done a great job making some truly pitiful creatures. They really look like they’ve been degenerating for 10,000 years.

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  3. What a wonderfully grimdark force! Excellent job!

    All the gribbly servitors are fantastic, but my favourite model has to be the army’s commander: He’s just the right blend of noble knight and feral warrior-king, and the fur on his shoulders instantly recalled an excellent old piece of art showing a massive Imperial Fist treating with a T’au ambassador.

    Personally speaking, I would have picked out the chest emblems on the Marines in a different colour, though, either gold or silver or bone or a combination of the three — at least on the commander.

    Anyway, fantastic work all around! πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you so much Mr. Kraut! He is my absolute favorite of the marines. Funny that you should mention the artwork – The one with Imperial Fist, elderly imperial envoy and Tau ambassdor – he was inspired by it, especially the Fist’s expression and fur cloak.

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