Huron Blackheart

The Blood Reaver is now finished! Enjoy the pictures.






I experimented further with glazing, this time using it to shade the armour plating. I still really can’t put my finger on it though. My patience is not made for those dozens of watery brushstrokes I guess. As always phorographing red is pain in the ass, irl the red has a more orange tint to it.





Hopefully this painted up picture shows better what I had in mind with making Hamadrya look like it’s “forming in to being” from the aether. I tried to tie the blue coloring to the red-orange-pink color of Huron by using purple for the base. If somebody wonders the colourscheme this was the inspiration for it.

Thanks for looking! A little heads up for what’s about to come next. You saw that new Burning of Prospero set? That and loads of bits hoarding from eBay is next on the list.





    1. Thanks man! What do you think of the hamadrya’s color? Now that I’m looking at the pics I cant help but thinking yellow or orange etc. would be so much better looking. After all these fellas are supposed to be quite a “dynamic duo” 😛

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      1. Personally I wouldn’t touch the hamadrya; I know the “official” colours are in a similar range to Huron’s but the way you’ve painted it suits the character very well. The pale blue and white shades make it look ghostly and ethereal. If you want to tie the two together a bit more maybe you could wash the warped areas (like the chest plate tubing, the leg tendons) of Huron’s armour with a similar colour to it? Just a suggestion, but I think they look great as it is 🙂

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      2. What a great idea! That also solves my other problem which is the mutated and warped bionics not standing out from the rest of the armour. Thanks again dude 🙂

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