The Caretakers – Tomebearer

Little something from the work desk. I wanted to add more members to my adeptus mechanicus group of Imperial Palace attendants so I came up with this small fella. I find the subject matter so intriguing that I need to continue this project and venture deeper inside Terra through the stratums made of vast gilded halls, old cities and omnipresent machines.

Simple conversion, bit of cutting and sculpting  and similarly effective simple paintscheme. Tried some glazing too on the book strap. I’m planning to explore more of possible colors by simply mixing up red, yellow, white and black and I probably have to revisit the already painted ones a bit but we’ll see about that.

Also hint of what is about to come on the base. Something is coming through in the bowels of Terra…


Homunculus carrying prayer tome for his masters




The Caretakers of the Sector Pulmones marching to banish unprecedented anomaly from the ubiquitous machine



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