Step out from The Shadows


Quoth the Raven, “Nevermore.”





Enter the Raven Guard! 


Hulking, towering icons of the Warhammer 40.000. Everyone’s favorites that can be done in so many different ways.  I just couldn’t keep my hands away from them. The longer I eyeballed my halfway done Hawk Lords the more I wanted to restart my Space Marine project, this time truly artscaling the adeptus astartes instead of taking the easy path. More dynamic poses, more realistic painting style, more henchmen, scouts, aspirants, serfs to accompany them to do justice for the greatest subject matter. And most of all a true challenge to better my sculpting and painting skills.

The palette I chose to go with is quite traditional, mainly black and white with some browns, blues and reds thrown in to the mix. Metallics were painted in similar fashion with the exception of couple golden details. I had a huge dilemma while painting the power armor. When painting I’m constantly struggling between realistic painting style with zenithal lighting etc. (which I prefer) and the more traditional miniature painting with harsh highlights (super clean and competitive miniature painting kinda look that I eschew), and it was emphasized as I painted the ceramite. I wanted the armor to look truly black to enhance the silent and deadly operator look I want the Raven Guard to have and to create a feeling they easily blend into the shadows and darkness. The shoulderplates were a bit easier though and a great lesson for blending. I also got to paint again my favorite head again.

Converting. What can I say. Instead of just filling some gaps I had to rework the whole body and sculpt the torso, legs, buttplate, fill in massive crevasses, work on huge chipped pieces, you name it. It was consuming and took a lot of time but now i feel confident to finally start miniatures that need a good deal of sculpting.

Enjoy the pictures and speak your mind!


WIP. I have built and primed some other members of the XIXth already. Neophyte scout and two aspirants


WIP. I had to prime the astartes in the end of sculpting before final smoothouts as I was growing blind to see all the cracks and deformities in the greenstuff.



    1. Thanks Thomas! The idea of the small base is to tie the gigantic marine to the rest of the group. I admit it would look better in bigger one, but I really like the scale and illusion it creates. Almost like he is kicking the boulder away while springing out from it 😃

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  1. So good! His followers really do a good job to emphasis his bulk. The neophyte looks like a very cruel man, I’d imagine when/if he finally completes the astartes process he will really abuse his power.


      1. It’s one of my favourite heads too (the other being the second bald flagellant head)
        Very cool, I’ve never seen that artwork before. If you’re after goggles I think some of the Deathwatch cultists have them 🙂

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  2. I really like the Raven, I was sitting around tonight thinking ‘I’m going to convert some true scale Raven Guard, you don’t see many of them’ and then this pops up on my screen while I was looking through my followed blog list. You’ve done a great job di-chaosifing the model, the pose is great, and the movement works well for a chapter like the Raven Guard.

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    1. Glad you like it! 😃 You really should give it a try, it’s a great lesson for learning how greenstuff etc. works when you have to create smooth surfaces. Painting and finishing the mini is also quite rewarding when you realise the effort and know that you have done justice for the great Adeptus Astartes 😉


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