Failing Machine

++Sector Pulmones++

Imperial Palace, Terra – The Golden Throne




Cynnael Avus, the magos curaetorii primarium of the Sector Pulmones and his subordinates

In the bowels of Terra, buried deep within the Imperial Palace.

Winding living cable-roads, corridors of bio-mechanical of fusion of fleshe and metal, pumping, hissing, creaking… Sustaining life.

Servants scurrying in the vein-like tunnels blessing the apparatuses beyond their knowledge. Chanting their prayers, censing holie smoke, taking care.

Feverish golden glow, deteriorating sectors and unease of the curaetorii tell their story of the End Times.





++Sacerdo victum and novicius curaetorii++




Sacerdo victum

Sacerdo victum maintaining the alveolus-engines. Ascended into full priesthood centuries ago, with only his hands remaining. Hovering and inspecting, censing the incense to ease the growing faulty sounds in the Sector Pulmones.



Novicius Curaetorii

Novicius curaetorii, one the thousands of petty novices who roam the corridors of different sectors. Moving in large groups with candles flickering in their backs, bringing light to the darkness. Carrying a tome of prayers and knowledge. Learning the rituals and completing tasks fit for his stature.


My project of portraying the servants of The Golden Throne has finally come to it’s end! Super interesting subject with lots of possibilities and almost too big to comprehend. Inventing and executing new characters and picturing just a one cutout from one of the hundreds of thousands of bio-mechanical corridors I imagine the Golden Throne to be was a wonderful experience. And timetaking. My goal was to incorporate traditional robed mechanicum looks with catholic imagery, and soften machine-like features to create holy, privileged and isolated looking servants of the Imperium. I was massively influenced by The Pilgrym over at the awe-inspiring Iron Sleet and especially the new artworks of Terra  created for it by John Blanche.

Paintingwise these individuals were fairly simple. Just gold with royal red as the main scheme. Quite an obvious one but i felt it was right and being loyal to the art made of Terra also. Building the display piece was a great way to get my feet wet on the terrain building subject. Working with plasticard, making rivets, figuring out the dome display and figuring out how to make it all work was very rewarding. By the way the diorama piece has long straight tube going on in it’s back, and the display base has a brass rod attached to it so it was easy to take off when painting and building it. Word about photographs too; I’ve noticed they aren’t very sharp which means losing some details but also making the painting look smoother. Very annoying.

And as for what’s going on and what’s coming up next! My vacation has finally started and summer has officially come here in Finland. Which means more time create, convert and paint and also more possibilities for warm weather related activities, more excercise and time consuming social stuff. I have started some new stuff already, which you can see in my Instagram. I shall of course write blog posts of all my projects but Instagram is easy way to just fire miniature and art pictures on the go.

That’s about it for this time, enjoy the pictures and have a great midsummer!





    1. Thanks Marcus! The display leaves everything else open for imagination. Just imagine those ledges spiraling endlessly, vast man-made tech-ravines filled with robed figures…


    1. Thank you for the most kind words. The word ‘effort’ also got me thinking of what’s the true essence of this community. Creating and bringing out even just the tiniest fragment of the whole wide world of grim dark future to fuel other people’s imagination and contributing to the most fantastic collectively created ever.

      Anyways I got a bit sidetracked, but thanks for the thoughful comment!

      Liked by 1 person

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