Giant’s Fist – Inquisitor Hesiod Gigas and his retinue



“I shall hunt you down, for there is no hive gargantuan enough for you to hide nor system too far away to escape”

Giant’s Fist. Ordo Hereticus. A band of extraordinary and skilled operatives and henchmen lead by hulking piece of Emperor’s wrath, the Inquisitor Hesiod Gigas. Unyielding kill-team packed with raw power, both physical and psychical.

After admiring years those great and inspiring Inq28 retinues I just had to explore this side of the WH40k universe. Creating a small crew gives a sense of freedom and an opportunity to imagine all the characters and their stories. This really has given more perspective for the Hawk Lords force too and given a sense of direction for that project also.




The Inquisitor himself is based on the artwork in the Inq rulebook, the hooded inquisitor with powerfist and cables on his back. I wanted to make him traditional looking with some additional brutalness included to compliment his stupendous size. The henchmen are going to follow the same precept sans the gigantism. A cunning rogue, rampaging arco-flagellant, psyker, deadly marksman etc.


The main colorscheme I think I’m gonna go with is provided by this beautiful year 1930 book with greenish leather back. The gold is probably going to be replaced with little darker brass color though.


Thanks for reading!

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