Hawk Lords Sergeant & Mustering the Crazies


Squad Circaetus of the Hawk Lords is finally whole. The sergeant was last piece to finish and I’m quite happy how he turned out. Not really sure about the skull on his shoulder pad though. Let me know what you think of it! Creating these guys has been super fun. The primer was also delivered at last so I can get to painting these fellas.



Here is also the start of my Inquisitorial/Mechanicum/All the crazy things of 40k warband retinue thingie. With all those utterly amazing warbands out there I wanted to create my own bizarre band of grimdark brothers. After long wait I also received my pile of bits including some Adeptus Mechanicus stuff, obligatory Grey Knight and Dark Angels pieces and Age of Sigmar starter Bloodsecrator so the flow of new miniatures is going to increase a bit for sure.




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