Accipiter Launches


I have been wanting to start a miniature blog since i got back to the hobby early this fall. I had a six year hiatus, mainly due to being a young adult and now I want to start again. At the start of the second year’s first semester two months ago it became clear to me that I need something to clear my mind and occupy my thoughts, something inspiring and vast, with interaction with people alike. I needed a way to relax. My life missed some very important thing, something that had been part of it years past.

Love for art and design, the absolutely fantastic and awe-inspiring miniature art blogs and artists(with some very relatable stories of getting back to the hobby!), fascination of wh40k world and stories of it, forgotten hobby of drawing and miniature making and the need to create led to decision to start modeling and painting again. I raided my mother’s attic to harvest all the precious bits, tools and 41 pots of dried citadel paints. The nostalgia, excitement and the answer was in those cardboard boxes stored away. I then proceeded to arrange a portable hobby setup and bought more bits, some tools and new paints.

Time to craft and paint is scarce, unlike six years ago when i was teen. University takes majority of the time, projects some costly minutes too, girlfriend the rest and social life/hobbies get whats left. Even so I am hoping to post new stuff, progress and maybe something else entirely every now and then, to give back at least a fraction of the wondrous moments and joy the other blogs and forums have given for me.

Enough with the talk and thank you for reading, welcome to Accipiter Nidum!


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